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mama_marmotte ([personal profile] mama_marmotte) wrote2009-09-27 12:58 pm

For all those reporting issues with their LJ lately

There has been an attack.
LJ Security Alert!
"There's been a breach of LJ security using embedded content, where post entries are edited to be public and contain malicious flash content".

The malicious code got into your LJ if you clicked on embedded content, worryingly it then make your private LJ posts public and reset your icon to the default, while also gleaning your email address. More grisly details from LJ themselves here

Thanks to [ profile] dahliablue for the heads-up. Am reposting for all those who had issues earlier.

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Thank you... and boy I have been having LJ issues. This well may explain it.

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Yes, if you watch a lot of embedded content you may have been hit. I hope not though!

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Nothing to do with the post, but I've been thinking about you lately. I hope you're doing better mentally, if nothing else. ♥

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forgive me if this is nosy/impertinent

i was curious about you since you talked about the history of the city and after looking at your profile i wondered if you had any opinions or pet peeves about how museums work for folks with disabilities. while it's not my primary area of study it's something i'm interested in actively thinking about and being aware of once i get a job. all the exhibit meetings i've ever been in have focused on makeing sure the letter of the law is followed on such issues but not so much about what folks with disabilities feel works something i know from talking to my mom, who now uses a scooter, is not always the same thing.

since i'm not working on a specific project and this is just a personal interest other then books my only source is accosting people. obviously you are more then welcome to tell to shut up and go away.