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I have defected to Dreamwidth, I tried about 3 years ago but lost my log in details and reverted back to LJ only. Yesterday, however after reading a post that randomly popped up on the LJ homepage I changed my mind. The entry that prompted my defection had been posted to the question club community and the gist of the question was 'is LJ bothering to fix faults at all now?' The answer was a resounding 'no'. Someone in the know explained that since LJ was sold to the Russian Company SUP, they have essentially stopped fixing faults in the non-Cyrillic LJ. Apparently something bad had gone down with LJ and it was only fixed because someone who was an LJ user paid out of their own pocket to have a coder fix it.

Given LJ's role in the Cyrillic world as hosting a plethora of political opposition and the knowledge that for sure all posted content is being monitored and analyzed by said political entities, I have more than enough reason to feel edgy about it. Aside from the potential for security issues, scary enough, if SUP is not bothering to update or maintain the English Language part of its operation then there is the very real possibility that the whole thing could go up in virtual smoke, taking all my entries with it. LJ has been my main way of journal keeping since 2005 and 11 years of stuff (wow where did those years go!) is a lot to lose.

I wanted to post this to encourage anyone else out there to look into what is going on with LJ and to strongly consider switching, it's free and, if you don't feel like making a switch, to at least back up all your journal entries to another storage option/server.
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